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Have Technology Questions? Our Tech-Support Experts Can Help

Technology is empowering Canyons District students to learn from home, but can pose challenges when they can’t log in to online learning platforms or their computing device malfunctions.

To help students and parents troubleshoot technology blips and breakdowns encountered while navigating the new world of distance learning, Canyons District has created a Technology Help Hotline at 801-826-5200. The hotline will be dedicated to supporting families and staffed Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Anyone needing to request help outside of those hours may do so through CSD’s online request form.

“The hope with the hotline is that it will give families an extra avenue for connecting with us during business hours,” says CSD’s Information Technology Director Scot McCombs. “The dismissal of schools and switch to online learning is new for students and can be stressful. We want them to know there’s help available to overcome any technological problems they encounter.”

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Grading and More- A Message from Mr. Watts

I hope everyone is doing well and making the best of this whole situation. We miss all of you and are excited for the day we get to see everyone again. Thank you to all who have provided feedback and continue to do so, it is greatly appreciated. I wanted to send out some information regarding the grading scale for this last term that was sent out by the district as well as some things to be looking for in the near future. If you have any questions at any time please let me know. You can call me at 801-826-7401 or email me at

The new grading scale is as follows: 

A = 85% – 100%

B = 70% – 84%

Pass (P) = 45% – 69%

No Grade (NG) = 0% – 44%

For additional information on the grading scale, visit:

Or see the attached document: Grading 2020 

The last day for new instruction will be May 15th and all work will be completed and turned in by May 22nd. We are working on procedures for returning Chromebooks and will collect those beginning May 26th. If you would like to return a Chromebook prior to this we can arrange for that, please just call or email. More information about Chromebook returns will be coming.

We will be scheduling times for students to get items from lockers, gym lockers, return library books, pick up art projects, etc. in the middle part of May. I am working with the PTA to determine when memory books will be available as I would like to coordinate students picking up their memory books at the same time as locker clean out. We will schedule locker clean out days alphabetically so families with multiple students will be scheduled on the same day. Detailed information on this will be coming when the dates are determined based on memory book availability. If you need to pick anything up in the meantime, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your request. 

Thank you again for your support and patience during this time, it is greatly appreciated. 

Take Care!

Mr. Watts


Buenas tardes montañeros,

Espero que todos estén bien y que aprovechen al máximo esta situación. Los extrañamos a todos y estamos emocionados por el día en que podamos verlos a todos nuevamente. Gracias a todos los que han brindado sus comentarios y continúan haciéndolo, es muy apreciado. Quería enviar información sobre la escala de calificaciones para este último trimestre que envió el distrito, así como algunas cosas que se deben buscar en el futuro cercano. Si tiene alguna pregunta en cualquier momento, hágamelo saber. Puede llamarme al 801-826-7401 o enviarme un correo electrónico a

La nueva escala de calificación es la siguiente:

Grado (Porcentaje

A = 85% – 100%

B = 70% – 84%

Pase (P) = 45% – 69%

Sin grado (NG) = 0% – 44%

Para obtener información adicional sobre la escala de calificación, visite:

O vea el documento adjunto: Grading 2020 

El último día para la nueva instrucción será el 15 de mayo y todo el trabajo se completará y entregará antes del 22 de mayo. Estamos trabajando en procedimientos para devolver Chromebooks y los recogeremos a partir del 26 de mayo. Si desea devolver un Chromebook antes de esto, podemos hacer los arreglos para eso, simplemente llame o envíe un correo electrónico. Más información sobre las devoluciones de Chromebook vendrá.

Vamos a programar horarios para que los estudiantes obtengan artículos de los casilleros, casilleros del gimnasio, devolver libros de la biblioteca, recoger proyectos de arte, etc. a mediados de mayo. Estoy trabajando con la PTA para determinar cuándo estarán disponibles los libros de recuerdos, ya que me gustaría coordinar a los estudiantes que recogen sus libros de recuerdos al mismo tiempo que limpian los casilleros. Programaremos los días de limpieza de casilleros alfabéticamente para que las familias con varios estudiantes sean programadas el mismo día. La información detallada sobre esto vendrá cuando las fechas se determinen en función de la disponibilidad del libro de memoria. Si necesita recoger algo mientras tanto, comuníquese conmigo y haré todo lo posible para atender su solicitud.

Gracias nuevamente por su apoyo y paciencia durante este tiempo, es muy apreciado.


Señor watts

CSD Adopts New Grading Structure For Final Term of School Year

Canyons District recognizes the “new now” prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a period of adjustment for families. To ease the minds of students and parents in this time of distance learning, CSD will put into place a modified grading structure for the final term.

The temporary grading schedule was designed so that no student would receive a failing grade for a current class while also providing some feedback about a student’s progress. This will hopefully reduce anxiety about academic standing and progress toward graduation, address equity issues, and support students as they are becoming used to a new way of learning. 

Under the plan that will be used for the final grading period of the 2020 school year:

  • CSD elementary schools will not issue grades, such as the usual 3, 2, 1 system, but parents will receive information about the progress of students. 
  • CSD middle school students will receive A, B, Passing or No Grade grades. 
  • CSD high school students will receive A, B, Passing or Incomplete grades.

At both the middle and high school levels, students who earn 85 to 100  percent in a class would receive an A. Students who earn 70 to 84  percent would qualify to receive a B.  Forty-five to 69  percent would result in a Passing grade.  

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