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Contact Tracing, Isolation and Quarantines Only We Can Prevent Coronavirus, and Here’s How

Remember what Smokey Bear taught about preventing forest fires? The same imperative applies to COVID-19. 

“It may sound cliché. But only we can prevent coronavirus. We all have a role and it’s up to us, each one of us, to do our part,” says Canyons District’s Responsive Services Director BJ Weller. 

This fall, as classrooms bubble to life with the sounds of students going about the important business of learning, there are a uniform set of precautions schools will be taking to respond to suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19, Weller says. Through contact tracing, school nurses and administrators will support local health officials in sleuthing out possible exposures in an effort to break chains of transmission before they take hold. The District also will follow state guidelines for determining when to place a classroom or school on quarantine. 

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COVID Daily Procedures

Dear Mount Jordan Middle School Community, 

We hope you are doing well We are excited to have the first day of school quickly approaching and can’t wait to start teaching the kids again. As you go through this last week of the summer, please read through this document with your child so that you will have an idea of what the school day will look like.  We are anxious to start the school year and give students an opportunity to learn in person once again.  The procedures below were designed to mitigate exposures according to state and district guidelines. 

Before Coming to School

·      Complete the Canyons School District Daily Symptom Checker – Back-to-School Routine (postcards were sent from the district).

Face Coverings

·      Face coverings that cover the mouth and nose are required to be worn once a student is on school property, as directed by Governor Herbert.

·      If you do not have a face covering for your child please have them come to the main office and we will supply them with one.

 School Entry to Begin the Day

·      Doors will open at 7:00 am Monday – Thursday and 9:00 am on Friday.

·      Once a student enters, they will proceed directly to their first period classroom, main office for official business or assistance, a prearranged meeting with a teacher for academic help, or to the cafeteria for breakfast.

·      Students needing to drop off an instrument will go directly to one of the areas listed above once they have dropped off their instrument.

·      Students eating breakfast will be expected to eat in a timely manner and proceed directly to their first period classroom. 

·      Students may opt to wait outside until they are ready to proceed directly to their first period classroom. 

·      Once again, building access will begin at 7:00am Monday-Thursday and 9:00 am on Friday


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‘Getting Started’ Information for CSD’s Online and Parent-Guided Learners

Ready, set, learn! Summer is winding down and students are getting ready to hit the books.

For those who chose Online Instruction, or At-Home, Parent-Guided and District-Supported Instruction as their preferred learning path, new information will be made available this week to help students get started with their schooling.

With both options, parents and guardians will be able to check out electronic devices to facilitate their children’s learning. Schools will be distributing the devices between August 18-27, and families should expect to receive distribution dates and instructions from their child’s school. Schools also will be distributing Illustrative Math workbooks to remote learners, both the online students and those who chose parent-guided instruction.

Here is a breakdown of additional resources to be shared with families this week:

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