Mt. Jordan School Community Council Meeting

September 9, 2020 at 5 pm


  1. Call to Order: Matt Watts, Crystal Connors, Sierra Segura, Jaycee Wickham, Rachel Harward, Laura Nygaard, Marie Seager, Andrealinn Price, Jeff Platt, Shawnna Lazo, Cassie Smith, Diane Iman, Val Lybbert, Thomas Gibbons, Debbie Johnson, James Barron, Randale Cottam

Agenda Items

  1. Bylaws Review and Approval- community member numbers are in question of how many members we can have on the council. Matt will double check and update for next month’s meeting.
  2. Election of Chair and Vice-Chair- James Barron, Debbie Johnson, and Val Lybbert were nominated. James made a motion to nominate Debbie as Chair and Val as vice chair; Shawnna made a motion to nominate Val as chair and Debbie for vice chair. As a voting group, we voted as Debbie for Chair and Val for Vice- Chair. Rachel Harward will be the note-taker for the minutes.
  3. Set meeting dates/times- 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm will be our SCC meeting time
  4. District SCC Training Dates- In-person training is at the district building across the street from Mt. Jordan. Dates for training are Sept.16 at 10 am and 6:30 pm; October 1 at 1 pm and 6:30 pm. There is also online training available. Matt will clarify for official dates and times and online requirements for all the class options.

Business Items

  1. Data Review
  2. TSSP/TSA/Land Trust –
    1. We have carry-over money from last school year in these categories to be able to spend, as well as the money we will have for this year.
    2. We have put more money towards the Math 180 program to help the students that need extra intervention in that core subject. Reading Inventory and Math Inventory goals are to move specific percentages of students to “proficient”. Attendance goals will be amended in a later meeting. Substitute, FTE, and paraprofessionals have salaries that come from this budget. Other expenditures include our PBIS rewards for the school store and AVID days/conferences.
  3. Timeline
    1. The timeline for the year has designated items to address each month.

Safety Report

  1. Matt discussed the COVID-19 Outbreak Criteria for the school. About 16% of our school chose to do online learning. This website shows specific data for COVID-19 cases for specific districts and individual schools.
  2. Evacuation drills will not be done until March per state guidelines. Shelter in place drills will still be held in January.

Counselor Report

  1. Jaycee updated on what is going on in the counseling center. This week the counselors will be in the classroom teaching about coping and stress management strategies. Schedules are still changing for intervention classes.
  2. Faculty Report
  1. Rachel discussed the different comfort levels of teachers with the COVID precautions. The administration is awesome!

Debbie made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Thomas seconded.

Adjourn until next meeting: October 21 @ 5:00pm


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