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Mt. Jordan School Community Council

October 5, 2022 – Minutes

Welcome & call meeting to order/roll call

Present- Mary Hiebing, Marie Seager, Cassie Smith, James Barron, Nicole Jaynes, Ryan Durant, Jana Mumford, Randall Seltz, Valeria Garcia

Excused: Harmony Jones, Britany and Tim Donaldson,


Action Items:

August meeting minutes review

Motion to approve minutes, seconded, and approved unanimously


SCC district training updates/changes:

o Handout includes the roles of SCC (we do not make policies- see handout of what SCC does)

o City Council makes policy- sometimes we are confused with them


Data review- (MI/RI Review) TSSP/Land Trust

Review of graph for Fall RI scores and MI scores (Randall Seltz)

o RI from 22-23 we have more advanced and proficient

o more students took it this year – 721 took it out of 771 students

o Last year only 480 students took the RI (not accurate of student population)

o % Proficient is less than last year but we had more kids take this year- more accurate picture because more student population took the test

o We have a lot of English Language Development (ELD) 1 students who speak little English that are below basic in reading. Expected to improve as they continue with their ELD courses.


Budgets (Durant)

TSSP amount for this school year- is $152,099.33

There are more ELD 1 students than expected this year. It is over the amount the district recommends per class. At the quarter the class will be split in half. Federal and State Programs will pay for some of the costs to cover the extra cost and would like to use approximately $4,500 from TSSP funds to cover the additional class period.

Land trust- the same as expected in money no amendments needed. We are well allocated.

School Safety – (Mr. Seltz)

Digital Citizenship Presentation- Jana Mumford

House Bill 213 requires digital citizenship in schools at least once a year. The intended outcome is that we all (students, parents, and teachers) have the tools to help everyone be safe online. The district has a 4-step process- presented in the video sent to SCC members prior to this meeting. Things already in place include:

o Suggestions to have these posts be sent separately instead of grouped with other messages from the school on Parent Square.

o Video links requested to be viewed by MJMS SCC

The overview video that’s just over 5 minutes: https://youtu.be/GayXetx7KgI

The optional more extended version that’s just over 20 minutes: https://youtu.be/8cdeD0lOQjc

o Cassie (Parent) also advised the group of “Be Internet Awesome” by Google as a resource. https://beinternetawesome.withgoogle.com/en_us/


Counselor’s Report- Ms. Jaynes


Faculty Report

Lockdown went well- things to work on include: closing chrome books because they emit light. In two door classrooms students need to be huddled tightly because of the visibility from two sides

o Additional tables and chairs will be put out to make room

o Other teachers are interested in joining after school to give help homework help


Community Schools Update-

Vision clinics – had bigger response compared to last year, so did a vision clinic last Thursday (09.29) and finishing up this Thursday (10/6). So far, 17/25 students have been seen and 13 of those 17 got a pair of glasses. They were all so excited about getting them.

Dental clinic – was supposed to happen this past week, but they let me know that they couldn’t find the staffing and have apparently been understaffed for quite some time now. I’m looking into another partner with more consistency but if one isn’t available, then the clinic will be October 31st and November 1st with the original organization we partnered with.

Puertas Abiertas – we are collaborating with Jordan High, Mt. Jordan’s feeder school, to participate in Puertas Abiertas, a (hopefully) bi-monthly resource night for Spanish-speaking families. Dinner is served and there will be Spanish-speaking presenters to speak on a variety of topics. Right now it’s scheduled for Thursday, October 13th.

Thanksgiving Heroes will be launching toward the end of October – the Thanksgiving Heroes organization delivers Thanksgiving meals to families the week of Thanksgiving to cook themselves. I will be sending out signups through Parent Square toward the end of October.

Kid/family needs have increased through the year. As of today, we have:

Anyone from SCC can email, text or call Lia Batchkoff if they have any questions about any of the resources above that are happening at Mt. Jordan, or if they have questions about any others.


Principal’s Report – Mr. Durant

Meeting Schedule Recap- James Barron

Meeting should be scheduled every month to include short months like December and June. It will need to be added to the website. Meetings will continue to each month the 1st Wednesday of every month.

o Next meeting is November 2, 2022 @ 5:00 PM

o James Baron to send a calendar invite to SCC members


Motion to adjourn, seconded

Meeting closed at 6:11

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