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MJMS School Community Council

November 18, 2020

5:00 pm


  1. Call meeting to order/roll call: Matt Watts, James Barron, Valeria Lybbert, Shawnna Lazo, Whitney Bates, Andrealinn Price, Crystal Connors, Sierra Segura, Jeff Platt, Laura Nygaard, Rachel Harward, Debbie Johnson, Marie Seager, Diane Iman

2. October meeting minutes review and approval

Shawnna moved to approve the meetings from October, Andrealinn seconded.

  • Business Items
    1. Data Review:

Matt showed us the results from the Student Climate Survey that the teachers gave in class this week. Matt showed us a disconnect between students feeling that they mattered to teachers/staff verses positive connection to teachers/staff. Wording on the survey will be fixed for the spring survey.

RI/MI Incentives- Students filled out a survey about the rewards that they would like to get for an improvement reward. RI Reward was voted for Drinks/treats while MI voted for Mt Jordan hoodie.

3. TSSP/Land Trust/TSSA:

TSSP Amendment- Possible option for expenditure is for math teachers to get iPads with pencils for drawing to make digital learning and teaching easier. The amendment comes from taking the “teacher planning days” money we used last year and use it to pay teachers for some after school tutoring. We discussed what demographics that this is reaching and how we can make sure to reach the needed students. Marie made a motion to approve the TSSP Amendment, Shawnaa seconded. Matt will send out an email for each member to approve.

Clarification on the purpose of Online Friday’s from 12:30-2:30 is that’s the time for students to communicate with teachers and get help. The TSSP Amendment would be a separate time from this Friday time.

4. Cell Tower Funds: This money will be spent on student incentives and recognition, teacher recognition, and student activities. Shawnna moved to approve the cell tower funds as explained by Principal Watts, Andrealinn seconded.

5. School Safety Report:

One safety concern is that there is no crosswalk for students to cross from the school on the northeast side of the school towards the LDS Church and Jordan Credit Union. Other smaller issues were brought up as well such as the students coming out of school from the southwest side (band area) and not looking while they cross. There will be a reminder to students about where to cross the parking lots and streets.

Safe Walking Route- Matt reviewed the route that most students use; this route has not changed from last year. An idea was to put “look” signs at the crosswalks for reminders to pedestrians/students. A second idea is to add “not a drop off zone” for cars to not park or stop in specific areas. Mount Jordan Students do not get discounted rates to ride TRAX.

6. Digital Citizenship:

Matt reviewed that Mrs. Mitchell (Librarian) is creating a Canvas course for students to have digital citizenship at their fingertips. Teachers received LANSchool training, and 7th graders received a lesson about their “digital footprint”. Fridays, we are going to send out more resources on cyberbullying but it is still in the creation progress.

Clarification question about resources that Matt sends out on Fridays. Matt’s emails with parent resources will be added on the school’s website as a parent resource.


7. Timeline

8, RISE Plan


9. Counselor’s Report

    1. Whitney spoke about the plan to go over the 8th grade student plans for college and career readiness and it will go through Canvas. Students are going through these lessons with students in class. Hard copy packets of the most important information will also be going out next week on Monday, digital copies were emailed to online students and will be emailed to all parents.
    2. Giving for Good of collecting food and monetary donations is in progress.
    3. 32% of our population is Hispanic and are most of our early warning students. We want to connect more with this demographic and have meet with students and DLI teachers to set a plan and goal.


10. Faculty Report

Professional Google Meets are happening in CCA which is fun for the students to hear from others about their careers and education experiences. Hunt Electric is this upcoming Monday. In Ms. Harward’s class this week we learned about food related careers. Today we made waffles and got to style it and photograph it based off a career we discussed earlier this week. Rachel addressed questions from the other members about Fridays and pacing; most teachers are using Fridays as an extended learning day. Math teachers are having a harder time not feeling rushed but the rest of the teachers aren’t feeling rushed since Friday’s were already a shorter day for learning anyway with late starts.

11. Principal’s Report

No meeting in December. Matt addressed parent comments. Giving for Good is going through December 14th.

Living Leader is Cade Staines for this year.


Debbie moved to close the meeting, Val seconded.


  • Adjourn until next meeting: January 2021
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