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MJMS School Community Council

January 20, 2021


  1. Call meeting to order/roll call: Matt Watts, James Barron, Tom Gibbons, Crystal Connors, Valeria Lybbert, Rachel Harward, Debbie Johnson, Jacey Wickham, Shawnna Lazo, Cassie Smith, Diane Iman, Bryant Cottam, Sierra Segura


2, November meeting minutes review and approval

Shawnna motioned to approve the minutes of November. Tom Seconded.

3.  Business items

  1. Data review:

RI (Reading Inventory) incentive reward took place today for students that showed growth in an increased score or were proficient. 426 students qualified for RI today. The students had to gain about 100 points to get incentive.

RI moved 4% from Fall to Winter. This is consistent from past years.

Average Lexile Growth for students not in Read 180 is 27.86 points.

Read 180 (105 students enrolled) Average Lexile Growth is 49.65 points. Fewer students are in Read 180 as we are focusing on increasing math scores.

MI (Math inventory) 416 qualified for their reward was voted to have a high school hoodie. Students had to gain at least 100 points or a year’s worth of growth.

Online students were included and invited to come and get a hoodie.

Total students that took the test are 892; 750 students are in person. We grew from 12.4% proficient and advanced to 28.4% proficient/advanced. Average point growth is 79.58 from Fall to Winter test.

Students in Math 180 (137 students) average growth from Fall to Winter is 96 points (*years worth is around 100 points).  Math 180 is a supplemental class to help students that struggle more with math concepts. Math 180 takes the place of an elective class so there is an incentive to test out of this intervention class to get a fun class. Parents are involved throughout the process and are notified if students move in or out of Math 180. The Math 180 program started this year, previously it was just an optional math lab class. We moved about 5% from last year.

4. TSSP/Land Trust/TSSA

Matt discussed our goals for this and where we used this money last year and the data results. Budget is on track for the year.

  1. Timeline- we’ll look next month at where we want to allocate the money for next year.

5. Counselor’s Report

33 students moved to in person, 17 students moved to virtual learning. We have 713 in person students, 163 virtual students. Registration for next year will begin in February. We are doing virtual tours and parent night this year for incoming 6th graders.

8. Faculty Report

New semester- feels like the second first day of school.

9. Principal’s Report

Teacher of the year nominations start on Friday and will close on Feb 5th.

Debbie moved to adjourn until next month. Shawnna seconded.

10. Adjourn until next meeting: February 17, 2021 @ 5:00pm





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