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Mt. Jordan School Community Council Minutes

January 19, 2022 : Zoom

5:00 pm


In Attendance:

Crystal Connors

Matt Watts

Lindsay Maxfield

James Barron

Debbie Johnson

Sierra Segura

Cassie Smith

Jacey Wickham


November minuets were reviewed and approved via email.

JC, Leah, and Val were unable to attend.

Due to sicknesses, there were 8 faculty members sick, and over 200 students that didn’t make it through the day. This has been a couple of few interesting weeks.

Sierra: Incident and Command.

-Emergency Drill Procedures were done.

-Evacuation Drill was shown the day before. (See Slide presentation)

-4 Minutes for everyone to evacuate. All clear in 7 min. 12 sec.

-Small hang-up in the cafeteria, but it has been

-10 days after the new semester a new drill needs to be reviewed.

-Every 2 months, 4/school year.

-No lock down drill in November, we are ok to hold the drill in February. It is scheduled and on the calendar.

-There is a presentation for the students so there is practice for the real thing. Middle and High schools do not need to do every month. Next SCC Meeting will have a report on how the lock down went.


Snap Plan:

-Safe walking plan is the same as in other years. Shows the safest route for student to be walking.

-Loading and unloading zones for students has not changed. There are cross walks and there is a lot of area for student drop off area.

Safe Route Plan was reviewed and updated. The issues that were resolved from last year were removed, and the request to add a three way stop signs by the bus expo to make drop off safer.

There is a signature page that needs to be signed. Due to planning and enrollment by FRIDAY, to have the plan signed. Please come in and sign tomorrow or Friday.

Matt Watts:

TSSP Goals (Same as before)

Growth in reading is staying quite consistent as years before, about 4% from the beginning of the year until now.

Read 180 classes, and Math 180 classes are still working. More kids in Math 180. 17% growth already.

Struggling with the early warning systems, there is still 12% risk. A big part of this due to the attendance, and kids getting sick. When a student is sick, they are encouraged to stay home. Teachers are doing great working within the restraints we have.

The suspensions are up since summer, the beginning of the year there was a lot more fights. Tick Tok isn’t a reason for fighting. The suspensions have gone down and kids are doing better. The data takes into consideration the in school suspension.

Mountaineer Time: Social worker and Psychologist have put together some videos for the students to watch and learn. Freedom given to the teachers to use these videos by their discretion. The videos are getting approved by the district, and SCC. A link will be sent out. The Empathy slides were shared with the team. There are videos, activities, and class plans available for review. Topics include: Empathy, Friendship, Teasing, Integrity, Disagreeing Respectfully, Respect, Gossip, Diversity & Acceptance, The Real You. Suggested that the links or information is shared with families.

A small amendment to the land trust needs to be amended because it is no longer allowed. Second Step lessons have been review and it is changed to update the action. Original goal is the same. Proposed plan is updated with approved digital citizenship plans. Debbie made the motion to approve the updated land trust amendment for the second step, and Marie seconded it. Everyone was in favor. The signature needs to be added, before the 27th.

Lindsay: RI and MI are both done. Argumentative writing in done in the next couple of months.

New virtual Fridays have been approved.

Jacey: College readiness meeting will be done for 8th graders. February cards for 7-8th grade will be coming soon. Jordan is working with students to get some students to see the high school. Big companies industries are sharing their facilities. Career fair is coming up, still looking for volunteers. A lot of planning for the next year.

Working with 5th grade orientation fair. A lot of this is going to be done virtually instead of having the students come there.

Meeting was adjourned.



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