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Mt. Jordan School Community Council
February 19, 2020:
Conference Room 5:00 pm

  1. Call meeting to order/roll call

    Meeting was called to order by Rebekah Cowdell, SCC Chair. Attending: Emily Buma, Whitney Bates, Rachel Harward, Matt Watts, Eric Gardner, James Barron, Debbie Johnson, Sara Lee, Gema Ortiz, Kaitlin Portzline, Rebekah Cowdell. Visiting: Cindy Hanson, Wendy Davis.

  2. Business Items:
      Last month’s minutes were approved through email.

    1. Data Review

      1. Math inventory-Matt showed the MI results by student categories: Hispanic, ELL, SPED, and economically disadvantaged. We still need to focus on SPED and ELL groups.

      2. Climate survey: Matt referenced the Student Climate Survey and how our positive relationships of students feeling comfortable with teachers has grown over the last three years. 90% of students feel that they have a trusted adult in the school they can go to.

    2. CSIP/LandTrust
      Climate goal-During the 2020-2021 school year we will maintain attendance of 75% on- track and at-risk on the EWS. Gema mentioned looking at seeing how student sickness has affected attendance. Whitney mentioned the students that miss the most usually have other things going on in their life that are keeping them home, besides sickness.

      Action plan-school-wide attendance incentives, team-wide attendance incentives, recognize students with perfect attendance, announce daily attendance during morning announcements, create a visual graph with the hall to track daily attendance, send home magnets for families to track attendance, BLT will be trained on and lead restorative practices, and increase communication with parents.

      Measurement: track daily and quarterly attendance through dashboard EWS and skyward. Matt mentioned making a competition with the high school.“Our main goal at Mt Jordan is to support the mission of AVID to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society”.

      For our 2021 school year, MJMS has the goal to move 183 students to proficiency between the fall and spring MI; 137 students for the RI. In our current year, we have met our goal of moving from 14% to 31% in the MI.

      Action plan for the MI/RI: Intervention classes (Math 180/Read 180) during the day for students scoring in the basic category. Continue the after school math lab. Continue to provide student rewards for MI/RI. Continue content IPLCs focusing on structured classroom discussions and focused notes. Teachers will continue to turn in monthly evidence of implementation.

      Measurement: Our BLT (Building Leadership Team) is still working through possible options for this area so there will be more concrete data at next month’s meeting.

      SPED/ELL: provide co taught classes, provide paraprofessionals, math 180/read 180, translation devices, apply AVID strategies, and provide an ELD course for students scoring a 1 or 2 on the WIDA. Gema mentioned that google translate isn’t quite accurate and brings up some problems. Sometimes google uses words that students aren’t always familiar with. Matt clarified that it is used minimally to help students meet their basic needs.

    3. TSSAfunds

    4. TSI Plan

    5. Cell Tower

      • National PE convention, all 3 teachers would like to attend, and this year it is in Salt Lake. $450 per person, 4 day conference. Everyone unanimously agreed to send them. 

    6. Timeline

    7. Safety and Digital Citizenship

  3. Discussion Items:

  4. Counselor’s Report:

    Whitney discussed registration season: the incoming 6th graders were all registered last week. The returning students were able to register themselves in class as a form of ownership over their class schedule. Our 8th grade career day is April 1st and we are beginning to look for our guest speakers to speak with our students. The 7th grade health teachers are currently teaching the Lifeline suicide curriculum this week. 

5. Faculty Report: All is great. Parent teacher conferences are next week.

6, Principal’s Report: Eric mentioned an NFL player reached out and is planning to do a bully free presentation on March 9th. The district is looking at what to do about parent teacher conferences because attendance is low. We discussed what the purpose of parent teacher conferences is and other options of how to meet that goal. 

7. Agenda Items for Next SCC Meeting:

8.Adjourn until next meeting: March 18, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
Mt. Jordan Middle School Conference Room

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