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School Community Council:  8/31/22 at 5:00 p.m.

Members Present:  Brittany Donaldson, Tim Donaldson, Valera Garcia, Nicole Jaynes, Crystal Connors, Harmony Jones, Ryan Durant, Ashley Ashlewierden, James Barron

Members Absent: Cassie Smith, Marie Seager, Mary Hiebing

Action Items

  • Bylaws
    • Were voted and approved unanimously.
  • Elect a chair: Nominations James Barron as Chair and Valeria Garcia as Vice Chair
    • Voted on and approved unanimously
  • Meeting Times –The team decided unanimously on the first Wednesday of each month moving forward at 5:00 p.m.
  • Cell Tower Funds – Motion to approve, seconded and unanimously approve the use of cell tower funds presented to the committee.


  • Chair runs the meeting
  • If you want items on the agenda, please get them to Ryan a week prior to the meeting
  • Meeting times: typically, the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5:00 p.m. (everyone says they like this time and day). The team would like it in person.
    • This will be the September meeting
    • The next meeting is scheduled the Wednesday before Fall break it is proposed to do it either the second Wednesday or the third Tuesday. After discussion we decided on October 5th.
    • The team decided on the first Wednesday of each month moving forward at 5:00 p.m.
  • SCC Training dates- the dates are listed and all in September. There is an SCC 101 that is recommended and not required for new members in addition to the required training.  Ryan will let members know about the dates.  Ryan will attend the September 7th training from 9-10:30 (other dates and times are listed on agenda).
  • Data Reviews: Attendance: 653 on time and in class, 81 at-risk, 45 off-track, and 4 are severe.  D’s and F’s- not a lot of scores in skyward.  We have made an emphasis on having teachers putting zeros into skyward so they know they have a missing assignment and build a sense of urgency instead of waiting.  The data looks more off track from last year but we didn’t put an emphasis on the zeros last year.  Overall, we have more than ½ our kids off track, but it is because of the D’s and F’s.  Last year it was more because of attendance. 
  • TSSP and Landtrust: this is the biggest part of this body of people.  We decide how to use the funds to best help our school and will be posted on the website.
  • Went over our academic goals (Reading)
    • We have 2 mentors working with students who have failed from each grade level that they will work with and touch base with on a weekly basis.
    • We were given 3.5 special ed teachers we use the funds to pay .5 of a teacher
    • We have after school programs
    • We have AVID WICOR teacher planning days
    • We implemented Read 180 for struggling readers based on the RI to help identify who our struggling readers are. Student incentives based on RI growth
  • Second Goal is a math goal
    • Bought out teacher preps
    • Math 180 intervention classes
    • After School Program
    • Student intervention Mentor
  • School Climate Goal (D’s and F’s)
    • Mountaineer Time
    • PBIS Mountaineer Market
    • Provide PBIS Incentives
    • Half FTE to hire a full-time counselor
    • AVID Binder
    • Incentives for increase GPA and fewer D’s and F’s
    • After School Program
  • Proposed amount $116,500 Landtrust and 130,500 TSSP
    • Budget will be reviewed monthly
  • Targeted School Improvement School: We are in TSI status if we are in the bottom 5% of a category.  You are in the category until we can show that we are not in it for 2 years.  Ryan will get this to you after he has access.
  • Timeline is listed
  • Cell Tower Money that SCC approves
    • Outline provided for use of cell tower. If something is over $1000, we will get approval from SCC. 
    • We get cell tower money by renting out space for a cell tower. We get a little to be more equitable.
    • Motion was made to approve cell tower funds
  • Safety report:
    • We were out of the building under 2 minutes and then had them walk all the way to the fence which took them an additional 8 minutes. We talked about just going across the street
    • District emphasis that all doors except the main doors are locked. A lot of times kids put rocks and we need to make rounds to check all the doors. 
    • In the past in the morning all the doors have been unlocked until 7:30 but now we only have the four entrances open this year.
  • Counselor Report:
    • Data project is to focus on the D’s and F’s
    • Went through all the data for kids who had D’s and F’s from last year and they will be assigned a mentor who will touch base weekly
    • A letter was sent out regarding D’s and F’s
    • We will put groups of kids together to earn rewards
    • These are aligned with our goals
    • Went into all of the grade levels and talked about self-care and stress management
    • New Hopeful Beginnings Therapist and Odyssey House to support kids
    • Will meet with each of our 6th graders individually to go over the EWS
    • Jacey Wickham is on maternity leave and will be back in October
  • Afterschool Program:
    • Sign-ups are in 5th period but they can sign up all day
    • Shouldn’t turn away
  • Faculty Report:
    • Things are going well we have seen a bunch of new expectations. A little bit of push back from kids but with continued support from teachers Ashley is hopeful.
    • Increase of kids coming to school and being on time
  • Parent Square: Parents have received messages from teachers
    • Questions are about do both parents get the information? How do both parents get the messages.  Do we sign up independently or together.   
    • Ryan sent out a link with information in his last email. (they said they were all already signed up so didn’t click on the link).
    • Ryan will send out more information in his email to parents
  • Community School Update: Community Schools Facilitator
    • We will have food bags and open pantry starting Friday September 9th and that will be going on every Friday
    • Jordan High has a night for Spanish Speaking Parents she met with the Jordan High admin Roberto Jimenez to schedule our feeder system parents together and having meetings for parents together.
      • How do we get them involved in SCC, PTSA, talking about Skyward/Canvas and broadening their access to information.
      • Start on October 13th at Jordan High with dinner
    • Dental Clinic October 3 and 4
    • Vision Clinic October 6
    • Lia Batchkoff: she will send out a form with items needed for a drive to get resources.
  • Life Skills Update: The social emotional curriculum the district is putting together. They are looking for representatives from the Jordan Feeder system to look at lessons.  They have a lot of representatives from other areas but none from the Jordan feeder.  If you are interested in being one of the representatives they would meet once a month.  The first one was yesterday and a two-hour commitment each time.  Harmony and Brittany would be interested.  Ryan will give the names to Valeria Garcia. 
  • Next meeting is October 5th. Send any agenda items a week prior (September 28th) to Ryan Durant.


Agenda Items for next meeting

  • Will have RI and MI data at next meeting.
  • TSI Information
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