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MJMS School Community Council

April 21, 2021


  1. Call meeting to order/roll call

Matt Watts, James Barron, Sierra Segura, Whitney Bates, Crystal Connors, Debbie Johnson, Jeff Platt, Val Lybbert, Cassie Smith, Diane Iman, Marie Seager, Tom Gibbons

2. March meeting minutes review and approval

Marie made a motion to approve the minutes as written from March, James and Val seconded the motion.

3. Business items

I. Data review-

Attendance from term 2 was down but came back up in term 3; D’s and F’s stayed low in term 2 and term 3. The D’s and F’s will continue to be a goal for us next year as well.

The spring RI/MI is currently happening at school. Rewards for growth and proficiency get a taco truck and a drink/donut activity.

TSSP/Land Trust/TSSA- Land Trust Projection: $9376.92 (7.28%) and TSSP projection: $10,678.58 (8.16%) will be left over for the end of this school year. It will go down just a bit to finish out the year for teacher training.

II. Digital Citizenship- Digital citizenship nearpod will be available on April 30th for a Friday learning module which will get pushed out through one of the core classes for all students to complete.

III. Timeline

A. Schedule first meeting for next school year

The first meeting for next school year is on September 15th at 5:00pm.

B. Discuss next year SCC; open seats, ballots, elections

Parents staying for SCC next year: Debbie, Val, Marie, Cassie, Tom, James will be back next year. Others said no or were not in attendance and we’ll check with them through email.

Debbie made a motion that Val Lybbert is the head chair and Marie Seager for Vice Chair; Cassie seconded the motion; the vote was unanimous.

IV. Counselor’s Report- Whitney reported that they are finishing up scheduling for next year, all guidance lessons are done, and they have started the master schedule for next year. They are also assisting 8th graders with preparation for high school.

V. Faculty Report- Last midterm is this week! Just getting stuff finalized for the end of the year.

VI. Principal’s Report- Matt asked the parents about how the parents feel about using lockers again. Parents are in favor of the lockers so that students have a little less to carry around but with limited access at before school, during lunch, and after school. It can also be given to only those students that ask for it. It does have the social aspect for the students; pros and cons both ways.

Chromebooks will be turned in on Monday May 17th by 8th graders, Tuesday for 7th graders, Wednesday for 6th graders, and extra students on Thursday and then all online and at home students bring them in on Friday that week.

VII. Adjourn until next year.

Debbie will send out the minutes from this meeting via email to be approved. Debbie moved to meet until next year, Val seconded.

Next meeting: Wednesday, September 15th at 5:00 p.m.

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