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WELCOME Ryan Durant – New Principle 2022 – 2023

  1. EWS Data Term 2 and 3
    1. Overall EWS decrease by 4 %
    2. Attendance decreased +/- 5%
    3. Fs & D’s increase of +/- 1% (expected decrease end of year)
  2. RI/MI
    1. Currently in process of giving the Spring RI and MI. Will share with SCC via email when complete.
    2. Prices for growth: T-shirts and popsicle activity
  3. Land Trust and TSSP Projection
    1. Land Trust projection: $10,496 = 8.4 %
    2. TSSP projection: $32,986 = 20.31%
    3. District is letting us carry over more than 10%. Can look to add to hiring for next year.
  4. SCC Parent Members:
    1. Elections will be at first meeting next year which is scheduled to be 8/31 at 5 pm.
    2. Work to recruit Hispanic families to council.
      1. Ruth would be a great source of help finding families interested in participating.
    3. Safety Report:
      1. Great Utah Shakeout (Earthquake drill) – April 21
      2. Cell phones: Possibly moving to limit cell phones next year.
        1. Encourage kids to leave phones at home or in backpacks.
        2. Phones to be confiscated if used in classrooms and retrieved in office end of day.
      3. New Start/Dismissal Times Survey
        1. Survey sent out April 20th to parents for vote of early start (7:50 am to 2:30 pm).
      4. Counselor Report:
        1. 8th grade Career Day was a success! We hosted 10 different guest presenters from a variety of career fields.
        2. We have completed all guidance lessons for the school year.
        3. Counselors are now focusing on the master board and scheduling for the 2022-23 school year. We are also sorting through data to ensure kids are in correct classes next year.
      5. Faculty Report:
        1. RI/MI started April 20th.
        2. RISE 8th grade April 20th
          1. Science: week of 4/25
          2. Math: week of 5/2
  1. May SCC Meeting – May 18th (If needed)



Matt Watts (Principle), Ryan Durant (upcoming Principle), Lindsay Maxfield (teacher), Val Caravella (parent), Cassie Smith (parent), Shawnna Lazo (parent), Debbie Johnson (parent), James Barron (parent), Crystal Connors (teacher)

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