Make-Up Day Feb 17 for Weather-Related Cancellation

To make up for the instructional time lost due to the weather-related cancellation of school on Monday, Feb. 3, 2020, a make-up day will be held on Presidents Day.

All Canyons District schools will now hold school on Feb. 17 on their usual Monday schedules. Buses also will be operating that day.

The Presidents Day holiday was previously set aside by the District’s Calendar Committee as the designated make-up day for emergency school closures for the  2019-2020 school year. Under Utah law, public schools must conduct school for at least 990 instructional hours over a minimum of 180 days each academic year, and recover any days lost due to inclement weather. Districts are expected to build a recovery day into their calendars so as to provide families and employees advance notice of the possible need and timing for a make-up day.

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Thinking Outside the Box

In Ms. Robbins World Civilizations class the students completed a break out box for their end of Middle Ages unit activity. The students were invited to become knights and were required to complete several tasks to unlock several locks and reveal the prize inside! The students had a wonderful time and asked, “When can we do this again?”

School Canceled February 3

School has been canceled Monday, February 3 due to extreme weather conditions. School will resume Tuesday, February 4. Stay safe and warm!

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