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6th Grade Mount Jordan Families,

Your child has an opportunity to accelerate in their math learning. At the bottom of this post is a letter that outlines a FANTASTIC opportunity for students prepared for the challenge to work additionally and TEST OUT OF 7th grade math, skipping into 8th grade math next year as a 7th grader. This is a great way to propel your child academically to be prepared sooner for more challenges in high school and college. Scheduling options such as advanced placement, concurrent enrollment, or even early graduation can result from taking advantage of this kind of an acceleration.

Last year, we had 19 students from Mount Jordan pass the final and they are 7th graders completing 8th grade math this year!

Of course, you and your child will need to consider academic preparation, time requirements, and required balance for taking on this challenge. We anticipate that the course will take about 40 hours for most students to complete the online portion and will require 40 hours of in-class work during the summer. That’s a lot to take on, especially in a self-guided way, for a 6th grader. Please consider your child’s emotional level, accountability, and individual and family commitments before signing up for this course. We want any student who enrolls to have a positive experience and to be very likely to put forth the commitment required to complete this course and pass the final.


Please click here to view the CSD letter with more information! Available in Spanish and English.


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