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*This document is subject to change, last updated 8/4/20

Mount Jordan Middle School

SCHOOL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES 2020-2021​                 (801)-826-7400

Welcome to Mount Jordan Middle School! The administration and faculty at Mount Jordan believe that an important part of being a successful middle school is helping our students make a smooth transition between elementary school and high school. College and Career Readiness is a key component to preparing for a successful transition and we support this priority through our AVID program. We strongly believe that if classroom practices and expectations can be aligned school wide, our students will be more organized and successful. In an effort to streamline this organizational process, the faculty and administration at Mount Jordan Middle School will support the following school-wide policies:

Climber’s Code:

Be a Contributor Be There, Be Ready Be Safe

Students are expected to follow the Climber’s Code in all areas of the building, including classrooms, gym, cafeteria, hallways, auditorium, library, restrooms, computer labs, and on all Canyons School District buses. Consequences for positive and negative behaviors are as follows:


-Self-respect and self-discipline
-Verbal praise
-Class and school wide incentives

-Positive communication home to parents

-Safe learning environment-Assemblies and special activities
-Summit Cash for Mountaineer Market, term and yearly drawings


-Visual or verbal correction/warning -Removed from situation
-Team interventions
-Contact parent/conference -Referral to administration


During this time, the district will allow students to eat in places other than the cafeteria to promote physical distancing. Students will be allowed to eat lunch outside in designated areas. Students are allowed to have water in the halls and classrooms. Exceptions for medical purposes are allowed. Please notify the counseling center of any specific needs.


Public display of affection is unacceptable behavior. Students will be warned. If the behavior occurs repeatedly, parents will be notified and further disciplinary measures will take place.


Students are not permitted in the halls during class periods unless they are accompanied by a teacher or have a hall pass from an authorized staff member.


Possession of a cellular phone by a student is a privilege that may be forfeited by any student that uses their cell phone inappropriately. The following interventions will be implemented:

● Intervention 1​: Teacher takes the cell phone from the student and gives it back at the end of class. Teacher reviews personal technology expectations with the student.

●  Intervention 2​: Teacher sends the cell phone to the main office. It is logged as Personal Technology Violation #1. The student can pick up their device at 2:30 when the school day is over.

●  Intervention 3 or more​: Teacher sends the cell phone to the main office. It is logged as Personal Technology Violation #2 or #3. Parent or guardian must come to the school to retrieve the cell phone.

●  A student who possesses a cell phone shall assume responsibility for its care. ​At no time shall the school or district be responsible for preventing or recovering from theft, loss or damage to cell phones brought onto school property.


Student attendance and promptness is ​critical ​for academic success. Frequent absence or tardiness disrupts the educational process and reduces chances for interaction with teachers and peers, classroom participation, learning experiences, and other valuable opportunities. Once lost, these benefits cannot be regained. Please refer to the Canyons District website regarding Canyons School District attendance and truancy guidelines.


If you arrive late to school, report to the attendance office to check in. (Students who arrive within the first 10 minutes of the first period go directly to their first period class. A check in slip will not be required in this case). In order to make the most of one’s educational opportunity, a student must have consistent, punctual, daily attendance in order to be College and Career Ready. The following rewards/consequences for tardiness will be given each quarter.


Student dress is an important aspect of the school environment. At Mount Jordan Middle School, we promote an atmosphere that is safe and free from distraction in an effort to provide the best learning environment possible for our students.

●  Items that disrupt the educational mission shall not be allowed. Personal items such as clothing, jewelry, back-packs, gym bags, water bottles, etc., shall be free of writing, pictures, or any other insignias, which are crude, vulgar, profane, violent, or sexually suggestive.

●  Items which bear advertising, promotions and likeness of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs or which are contrary to the educational mission, shall not be allowed.

●  Hair, which is so conspicuous, extreme, odd in color or style that it draws undue attention, disrupts, or tends to disrupt or interfere with the learning atmosphere at the school, shall not be allowed.

●  Clothing, jewelry, accessories and piercings which are so conspicuous, extreme, odd in color or style that it draws undue attention, disrupts, or tends to disrupt or interfere with the learning atmosphere at the school, shall not be allowed.

●  Students shall not wear clothes that are mutilated, cut off, or immodest, e.g., short shorts, mini- skirts, bare midriff, halter-tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, or similar clothing. Clothing shall cover midriff, underwear, backs, and cleavage at all times. Skirts, dresses and shorts must be ​at least mid-thigh (ends of fingertips) length or longer.

●  Headwear, including hats and/or bandanas of any kind are not to be worn in the building except as part of an approved activity, or for religious or medical purposes.

●  School officials may require students to wear certain types of clothing for health or safety reasons in connection with certain specialized activities.

●  Gang-related clothing, colors, and paraphernalia shall not be allowed in schools or activities. Shirts that hang below mid-thigh are prohibited. School officials will determine what constitutes “gang” clothing, colors and paraphernalia after consultation with law enforcement agencies as needed.

●  Shoes shall be worn at all times to ensure safety and hygiene. Slippers do not constitute shoes and are not to be worn at school.

●  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks or coverings, face shields, specific physical distancing barriers, etc. policy will be in effect based on state mandate and district policy.

If you have additional questions, please contact the school administration.


Students enrolled in Physical Education (PE) classes will be provided a uniform by Mount Jordan Middle School. This uniform is required to be worn by all students during PE class. If you do NOT return your uniform, you will be fined a replacement uniform cost. If you would like to purchase an extra uniform, you may do so. Laced shoes or sneakers need to be worn for PE.

LOCKERS (lockers will not be assigned at this time but may be assigned at a later date)

Lockers are school property and are rented to students for storage of backpacks, schoolbooks and school equipment. Students are responsible for keeping their lockers neat and clean both inside and out. They must not write on, scratch, carve, dent or in any way deface or mutilate their lockers or anyone else’s lockers. Students who violate these regulations will lose locker privileges and will be required to make payment sufficient to cover damages. School officials reserve the right to search any or all lockers. Illegal items found in lockers may be confiscated, and students to whom the lockers are assigned may face legal action. ​The school is not responsible for stolen items. The administration will assign lockers to students when appropriate in accordance to State and District guidelines.


Backpacks will be allowed in classrooms as we will not be assigning lockers at this time. Students will keep their backpacks with them during lunchtime.


Each student will be checked out a Chromebook and charging cord. Students are responsible for any loss or damage to the Chromebook and/or charging cord.


Canyons School District is not responsible for any personal property, which is lost, stolen, vandalized, or which may be entrusted for storage and/or safekeeping by Canyons School District or any employee of Canyons School District. There is no provision that allows payment for any personal item that is taken from any Canyons School District school.


Students may have a 12 hour dosage of their own prescription medication or over-the-counter medicine. Any student in possession of medicine exceeding a 12 hour dosage is considered an illegal substance violation per district policy.
Medication may only be administered to a student by school personnel if:

  1. The student’s parent or legal guardian has provided a current written and signed request that medication be administered to the student during regular school hours.
  2. The student’s physician, dentist, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant has provided a signed statement describing the method, amount, and time schedule for administration, and a statement that administration of medication by school employees during periods when the student is under the control of the school is medically necessary.

The request for medication forms will be available in the main office. Please direct questions regarding medication at school to the main office at (801) 826-7420.


All visitors to Mount Jordan Middle School must pick up a visitor’s pass in the main office when they first arrive.​ We are limiting visitors and volunteers at this time. Visitors are encouraged to schedule appointments in advance. Visitors will be required to wear face coverings and be checked for symptoms of COVID-19 upon arrival. Parents who want to meet with a teacher(s) before or after school need to check in at the main office FIRST. Please notify teachers in advance to make sure they are available. Student visitors are not allowed at the middle school. The only exception would be when the school has invited other students into their building as part of the regular instructional process. ​The administration will follow State and District guidelines in this regard.


Skyward Family Access provides current grade, assignment, and attendance information for students and parents. We encourage parents to monitor student’s grades through Skyward regularly. You may access and log on to Skyward at: ​​ If you have lost your login or password, please contact the main office in person as we cannot give passwords over the telephone.


Mount Jordan Middle School grades students based on mastery of concepts in each subject area. Classwork/homework is designed to be practice for concepts being taught and is a tool for teachers, parents, and students to assess student progress towards mastery of these concepts and will constitute 20% of the final grade. Students will be able to turn in missing assignments until the midterm without penalty, and then from the midterm until the end of the quarter without penalty. Summative assessments on concepts will be used to determine final level of mastery of standards and will constitute 80% of the final grade. Summative assessments can be taken (retakes are allowed) until a week before the term ends. Mount Jordan does not condone cheating/plagiarism and wants to help students make better choices. This means we students who cheat or plagiarize have an opportunity to redo assignments/assessments in a more structured setting. We hold students accountable for their learning. Letter grades will be assigned based on the following percentages:

A 100-93 A- 92-90 B+ 89-87 B 86-83

B 82-80  C+ 79-77  C 76-73  C- 72-70

D+69-67 D66-63 D-62-60 F 59-0


Citizenship grades will be based on the following rubric:

Climber Code Rubric H – Honors S – Satisfactory N – Needs Improvement U – Unsatisfactory
Be A Contributor -Consistently completes work on time
-Pays attention and actively participates in classroom discussion
-Often completes work on time

-Pays attention and talks when appropriate

-Completes some work on time

-Does not pay attention to class activities and disrupts class

-Does not complete assignments

-Continually disrupts class and talks about unrelated topics

Be There, Be Ready -No more than 2 unexcused tardies

-Consistently has AVID binder

-3 unexcused tardies

-Often has AVID binder

-4 unexcused tardies

-Sometimes has AVID binder

Habitually tardy (more than 5 unexcused) -Rarely has AVID binder
Be Safe -No referrals

-Follows class rules without being reminded

-No more than 1 referral -Follows class rules often -No more than 2 referrals -Follows class rules some of the time -3 or more referrals

-Does not follow class rules/ignores rules



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