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Hour of Code

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Hour of Code is a worldwide event reaching millions of students with one our of computer programing.  All Mount Jordan students will be participating in the hour of code on Friday December 9th at the end of the day.  Students will visit https://code.org/learn and choose one of the many activities available.  Ask your MJMS students about their experience, and better yet, try some coding with them.

Halloween Dress Rules

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Students, On Monday October 31th, the Mount Jordan administration will be allowing students to dress in costumes for Halloween. The following are school guidelines with regards to appropriate dress for this fun day.

  1. Full-face masks are not allowed; you must be recognizable.
  2. Hats/hoods are permitted if they are a part of a specific costume and do not cover the face.
  3. No weapons or facsimiles of weapons or anything that could be considered to be a weapon. Please leave those plastic swords and things at home.
  4. All costumes must meet normal daily standards of modesty, cleanliness, etc. Swimming suits are not to be worn over other clothes.
  5. No costumes that demean race, religion, nationality, gender, etc.
  6. Gang related clothing, items, or make-up will not be allowed.
  7. Administrators or teachers may ask a student to change clothing or remove items from a costume if it is disruptive to the learning environment. All P.E. students should be prepared to participate in class as usual.
  8. Faces must be recognizable.   Students can have no more than half of their face painted. 
  9. No clown costumes
  10. The administration always reserves the right to deem the appropriateness of all costumes.

Students, we want you to have fun with this activity and enjoy dressing up, while still remembering the purpose and function of attending school.