Congrats Cross Country!

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Boys Team- 1st Place

Individuals- Tyger Goldfine: 1st boy 7th grade and 2nd boy overall, Isaac Ridge: 1st boy 6th grade and 3rd boy overall, Ryan Tate: 2nd place 8th grade.  

Griffin Tasker: 3rd for 6th grade boys.

Girls Team- 2nd Place

Individuals- Sydney Archer: 3rd place 7th grade, Natalie Wilson: 2nd place 6th grade, Evelyn Mircial: 3rd place 6th grade



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Reflections theme for 2017-2018: “Within Reach”

Please encourage your child/children to participate! 

All entries are due by Friday, November 3rd.

Battle of the Books

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Battle of the Books is back!

Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 3 – Kick off meeting in the library during lunch

Dec. 6 — Mini-Battle in the library during lunch

Feb. 7 — Mini-Battle 2.0 in the library during lunch

Mar. 28 – Ultimate Battle of Knowledge all day 

Apr.13 — District Battle for the top two teams/at Midvale Middle school