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Dear Mount Jordan Middle School Community, 

We hope you are doing well We are excited to have the first day of school quickly approaching and can’t wait to start teaching the kids again. As you go through this last week of the summer, please read through this document with your child so that you will have an idea of what the school day will look like.  We are anxious to start the school year and give students an opportunity to learn in person once again.  The procedures below were designed to mitigate exposures according to state and district guidelines. 

Before Coming to School

·      Complete the Canyons School District Daily Symptom Checker – Back-to-School Routine (postcards were sent from the district).

Face Coverings

·      Face coverings that cover the mouth and nose are required to be worn once a student is on school property, as directed by Governor Herbert.

·      If you do not have a face covering for your child please have them come to the main office and we will supply them with one.

 School Entry to Begin the Day

·      Doors will open at 7:00 am Monday – Thursday and 9:00 am on Friday.

·      Once a student enters, they will proceed directly to their first period classroom, main office for official business or assistance, a prearranged meeting with a teacher for academic help, or to the cafeteria for breakfast.

·      Students needing to drop off an instrument will go directly to one of the areas listed above once they have dropped off their instrument.

·      Students eating breakfast will be expected to eat in a timely manner and proceed directly to their first period classroom. 

·      Students may opt to wait outside until they are ready to proceed directly to their first period classroom. 

·      Once again, building access will begin at 7:00am Monday-Thursday and 9:00 am on Friday


Classroom Entry – Every Period

·      Students will sanitize their hands upon entry (each classroom has a dispenser) and proceed directly to their assigned seat with their required material. 

·      Students will stow their backpacks in the designated area for each class. 

·      Cell phones and ear buds/head phones will remain in the student’s backpack during class time unless directed by the teacher to do otherwise.

 Classroom Exit – Every Period

·      Students will end the class by sanitizing with approximately 5 minutes remaining in the period.  Students will “pack their bags” and stand next to their chair. 

·      Two students will be responsible for spraying each seat and desk (1 student) and using a cloth to distribute the spray over the entire surface (1 student). PPE will be provided and we will take volunteers.

 Transition/Class Change Procedure

·      Classes will be released for transition, students will walk on the right side of the hallway and stairwells and report directly to their next period class.

·      Due to maximum occupancy of the restrooms, students will be granted permission to leave class to use the restroom and fill up their water bottles during class.

 Lunch Assignments and Procedure

·      There will be three lunches:

o   A – lunch, 6th grade with some electives mixed

o   B – lunch, 7th grade with some electives mixed

o   C – lunch, 8th grade with some electives mixed

·      Students will practice physical distance by sitting only on a designated spot on each table.

·      Students may also choose to eat outside.

·      Students will have 15 minutes to eat lunch and then will be expected to go outside for the remaining 15 minutes. 

·      Students will re-enter the building and proceed directly to their next period classroom for instruction.

 Building Exit – End of Day Procedure

·      At 2:28 pm each day, a 2-minute bell will release students to retrieve large instruments.  These students will then proceed directly outside through the doors by the band room. This bell will also release students who are going to a designation area for an after-school activity.

·      At 2:30 pm each day, the final bell will release the rest of the students.

·      All classes will be escorted directly outside by their 7th period teachers to mitigate congregation and maintain physical distancing.

·      We recommend students using the closest exit to their last period class to avoid crowds.

 Miscellaneous Procedures

·      Main Office – any student needing assistance from the main office once inside the building will be admitted through the main vestibule door (arrows indicate traffic flow.)

·      Lunch money deposits – The deposit box will be on the table outside of the main office.

·      Check-in – students arriving more than 10 minutes late will proceed to the main office to be checked-in. You may call in advance to excuse them (801) 826-7411 (If there is no answer you can leave a message.)

·      Student check-out – When checking out a student you will need to enter the building and fill out the student check out form electronically. We then ask you to wait in your vehicle or outside the building while the student is called down and sent out.

·      Delivers- Due to COVID-19 restrictions, at this time we ask that items are not delivered to students.

 Additional Items

·      Reminder – hallway lockers will not be used at this time to eliminate additional touchpoints and reduce time in unstructured space. Backpacks will be allowed in the classrooms.

·      Each classroom will have adequate supplies of hand sanitizer.  However, students are welcome to bring their own hand sanitizer for personal use.  No other personal cleaning or disinfecting products are allowed due to possible adverse reaction with the district cleaning and disinfecting products!

·      Gym students will be dressing in their PE uniform.  Appropriate shoes will be required.  Complete requirements will be clearly communicated in the Physical Education disclosure.

·      Students will be provided a Chromebook and charging cord, please ensure your student(s) arrive at school with a charged Chromebook and their charging cord. Please remember students need to follow district policy when accessing websites on the Chromebook at school and at home.

Thank you again for your support and patience as we get this school year up and going. We greatly appreciate you! This list is not exhaustive and we will continually monitor and adapt as needed. If you have any question please contact the school.


MJMS Administration

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